Take a Virtual TOUR of our shop!

Meet Rachel (one of our Co-Owners) and take a quick spin around our NEW store and beautiful , boutique-style showroom! Get familiar with HOW to get here, as well as the great cleaning products we carry.  We can't wait to meet you for real - so  stop in and see for yourself soon! 

(But If you're not close by, feel free to SHOP for some basic supplies here on our secure site!)  

About Us


High-Tech Mom & Pop

Who do you TRUST… to sell you the Right vacuum or parts? Better yet - who will FIX it when it’s time for service or repair? Maybe you should talk to us?! Meet Owner/Operators, John & Rachel... Certified vacuum technicians in their 16th year running this 60+ year old, 3rd generation business! 


NEW LOCATION in Shrewsbury!

Unbeatable selection of quality products and Free parking...say what?! ! Nobody beats the comprehensive, interactive, valuable experience you get with our friendly, family team!  We sell amazing, quality vacuums that work beautifully - and we KEEP them working! You'll appreciate our extensive knowledge and friendly advice - not to mention our competitive prices!  You'll also love our huge, luxurious shop, now in SHREWSBURY!
But…if you’re not nearby or if we’re closed right now, enjoy our site!



This is no fly-by-night operation!  Queen Vacuum (originally "Graman's Vacuum" of Red Bank, and also "Monmouth Vacuum" of Neptune City) has a rich, 60+ year history and a bright future! Proudly serving Monmouth County, NJ and beyond! 

Today as always, you can count on Queen Vacuum to “serve your modern-day needs the good old-fashioned way!” Visit today! 

New Storefront HOURS!


WHY the big change?

THANK YOU for your loyalty & support now that we've shifted our public operating schedule!   This new system solves a few operational  challenges while improving our QUALITY of Work and Life!  

Here is WHY we changed them and how it BENEFITS everyone:  

First  -  We   (John & Rachel) are the sole owners /operators of this extremely busy little shop!  We had been operating 6-days a week for many years, but it took a great toll personally and proved rather inefficient.  

Secondly  - We  considered your feedback  requesting more "prime-time" hours on the weekend and  weekday evenings.  

The new schedule we created organizes our time & tasks better, enabling us to be Focused and "Present" for YOU during these new, concentrated storefront hours. We even accept sales appointments now to streamline your shopping experience with less customer overlap!   

 We hope you find our new storefront & hours more value-filled and convenient in the long run!!

INCOMING!! Repairs, Repairs and more REPAIRS!

Behind the Scenes:

"A little vacuum shop....how busy could you possibly be?" 

 Folks - you have NO IDEA!!

We do EVERYTHING ourselves - and during the day our #1 focus is spending time face-to-face serving you:  Sales appointments / Repair drop-offs and pickups / Providing Tech Support and general advice in-store and on the phone , etc.   However, the nature of these services are very time-consuming and almost completely random ...so its difficult to get all the OTHER stuff that makes the business run!  (And yes, employees are wonderful - but very expensive - and nobody wants price hikes to pay for that!) 

Thus, our new "closed door" days allow us to fulfill the massive amount of complicated, un-interruptable work like REPAIRS, online orders, in-home central vac SERVICE CALLS, marketing, accounting, etc.   (No, we're not on the couch eating bon bons!) 

Improved EFFICIENCY keeps our service quality high, prices low and everyone happier! 

Vacuum Family Time!

TIME is precious!

We're grateful that this schedule is now providing us time to work efficiently, REST,  as well as address the serious health and medical needs of our families who live out-of-state.  

We all know you can't get back the precious time MISSED enjoying (and caring for) family and friends!  We are grateful for all of your kindness, support and LOYALTY over all these years, and especially now :-)   

 We hope you all afford yourselves the same opportunity to work smarter and  LIVE your lives to the fullest!

What our Customers Think...

Deirdre S. (Neptune, NJ)

Irene Z. (Farmingdale, NJ)

Irene Z. (Farmingdale, NJ)

"Always professional and greets with a smile when I go there.  They are all very helpful with making a decision and don't pressure you into buying anything.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Irene Z. (Farmingdale, NJ)

Irene Z. (Farmingdale, NJ)

Irene Z. (Farmingdale, NJ)

"This store is an amazing find.  Instead of a huge cooperation,  this is a family run store that consistently demonstrates the values of hard work, honesty, integrity and value.  I have always been treated fairly and respectfully by the staff and owner and I find their work to be done efficiently and effectively.  I wish all stores were as we'll run as this one.  I highly recommend them." 

Liz D. (Fair Haven, NJ)

Irene Z. (Farmingdale, NJ)

Liz D. (Fair Haven, NJ)

"Super nice people, lots of choices at various price points. I buy everything from my vacuum to vacuum bags to my carpet sweeper there.  Furthermore, they repair all sorts of things! ...Old fashioned good service by a family-owned business."   

Peter B. (Rumson, NJ)

Peter B. (Rumson, NJ)

Liz D. (Fair Haven, NJ)

"Never thought I'd enjoy going to a vacuum shop, but there's a bit of Norman Rockwell heartland America feel to Queen Vacuum. It's an old-time shop (formerly Gramans) bought by young couple with a great enthusiasm for vacuums..."

Dyanna D. (age 10)

Peter B. (Rumson, NJ)

Dyanna D. (age 10)

"Queen Vacuum is a great place to come because Rachel and John make you feel welcome. If you have any questions, they have the answers. I love coming even though I am a kid and am not buying anything because Rachel and John still find time to make conversation with me.  ...Time flies when you’re having fun with John and Rachel! "

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