We ARE Vacuum "Cleaners"

Learn more about our repair shop's most popular menu item:  the "Annual Deep-Cleaning & Deodorizing" service!  

You know to get your CAR tuned-up regularly... give your vacuum the same kind of TLC and your home will be cleaner and fresher than ever!

Repair Services

Vacuum Repair & Service

You know to get your car tuned up, but do you remember to get your vacuum cleaner and other appliances serviced regularly?
**Feel free to CALL in advance to check that your model is indeed repairable before dropping off**  

  • Vacuums also have moving parts that need regular cleaning, oiling and adjustments! 
  • They have components that wear out over time and need replacing (like filters and belts) 
  • Performing regular maintenance makes sure your vacuum lasts as long as possible and helps it do a better job every day.  
  • Vacuums are NOT disposable! 
  • It’s cheaper to fix your vac than to replace it

Just ask for a FREE ESTIMATE! And if something  you bring in can’t be fixed, or is really not “worth it,” there’s no charge.

Warranty Repair

We are contracted with a number of vacuum companies to perform Authorized Repairs still covered under the Manufacturer's Original Warranty! 

  • After thorough inspection & repair of your machine, we file claims directly to the manufacturer on your behalf.
  • Brands we represent: Miele, Electrolux, Sanitaire, Bissell (not extractors) and more! 

CALL US in advance to confirm your eligibility and answer any questions!!  732-747-5623

NOTE: Not all issues (such as clogs filters, “wear items” or service) are covered under your warranty. Check your owner’s manual to better understand your coverage!  
READ >> How WARRANTY works (PDF) 

Small Appliance Repair

Just Call Ahead to ask... 

We can repair and/or put a new cord on many types of small electrical appliances like:

  • Blenders
  • KitchenAid mixers
  • Irons (cords)
  • Lamps (not Chandeliers, sorry)
  • Hairdryers
  • Some power tools

    We do NOT charge if we can’t fix it!

    Please Note: We DO NOT repair Sewing Machines any longer. Sorry!