Repair Services

Vacuum Repair & Service

You know to get your car tuned up, but do you remember to get your vacuum cleaner and other appliances serviced regularly? 

  • Vacuums also have moving parts that need regular cleaning, oiling and adjustments! 
  • They have components that wear out over time and need replacing (like filters and belts) 
  • Performing regular maintenance makes sure your vacuum lasts as long as possible and helps it do a better job every day.  
  • Vacuums are NOT disposable! 
  • It’s cheaper to fix your vac than to replace it

Just ask for a FREE ESTIMATE! And if something  you bring in can’t be fixed, or is really not “worth it,” there’s no charge.  

Warranty Repair

We are contracted with a number of vacuum companies to perform Authorized Repairs still covered under the Manufacturer's Original Warranty! 

  • After thorough inspection & repair of your machine, we file claims directly to the manufacturer on your behalf.
  • Brands we represent: Electrolux / Eureka / Sanitaire, Miele, Bissell (not extractors) and more! 

CALL US in advance to confirm your eligibility and answer any questions.

NOTE: Not all issues (such as clogs filters, “wear items” or service) are covered under your warranty. Check your owner’s manual to better understand your coverage!  
How WARRANTY works (PDF) 

Small Appliance Repair

Just Call Ahead to ask... 

We can repair and/or put a new cord on many types of small electrical appliances like:

  • Blenders
  • KitchenAid mixers
  • Irons (cords)
  • Lamps (not Chandeliers, sorry)
  • Hairdryers
  • Some power tools

    We do NOT charge if we can’t fix it!

    Please Note: We DO NOT repair Sewing Machines any longer. Sorry!