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Vacuum Fitness (?)

Vacuum Fitness

Rachel illustrates her favorite way to put a clunky, old vacuum to better use! (Or maybe she's just delirious)

Does your vacuum STINK?

Moso natural for stinky vacuums

You'll love this easy, economical way to make your vacuum smell better - without adiing fragrance or compromising its filtration. 

Product Review - OxiClean Splot!

Testing the Oxyclean Splot

Rachel and Erika were feeling CLUMSY and decided to test out the new "OxyClean Splot" Stain Remover on a nasty coffee stain! 

How to make Thoughtful GIFTS

Hand made gifts with Caldrea & Meyers products

Be Thankful and THOUGHTFUL this season! Find out how to make easy, impressive, inexpensive hostess GIFTS and more with Caldrea aromatherapuetic Cleaning Products (and cute fillers from the dollar store!) 

10 Things you Should Vacuum!

10 things you should be vacuuming

Rachel demonstrates 10 things you SHOULD be vacuuming - but probably aren't!  Also learn about the importance of the variable suction feature on premium vacuums. 

How to get your Vacuum Fixed

How to get your vacuum fixed

Easy beezy! How to get your vacuum fixed (Here at Queen Vacuum, of course!)

GAMESHOW: "What's That For?!"

Episode 1 - OxiClean Splot

What's That for GAMESHOW - Episode 1

Contestants: Theresa vs Dr. Vanderwilden 

The PILOT episide of our new (fake) GAMESHOW series called

Episode 2.1 - Miele Turbo Tool

What's That for GAMESHOW - Episode 2.1

Contestants:  Abigail vs Vivian

Can YOU beat our contestants to guess what today's mystery item is for? 

HINT: it has to do with vacuums and cleaning!

Episode 2.2 - Miele Univ. Brush

What's That for GAMESHOW - Episode 2.2

Contestants:  Abigail vs Vivian

Let's see if our contestants have gotten any smarter this round!  Whether they guess right or wrong, YOU will still learn about a really useful product to help make cleaning easier!

Episode 3 - Upholstery Tool

What's That for GAMESHOW - Episode 3

Contestants: Rain vs Candy

 MORE to come....  STAY TUNED!!  

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