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Your store has been so helpful with repairs & supplies. I am always greeted with a big smile. Excellent Customer Service! I consider you a local gem.”    - Kate P.

I never thought a vacuum store could be so cool OR professional!”    - Jerry K.

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Holiday Closures…

Our Neptune City Store is CLOSED forever.
Also, we no longer repair
Sewing Machines.


*Please CALL ahead
to check for holiday and
weather-related closures.*

Authorized Repair for brands like...

Small Appliance Repairs (RB):

Please Note:

We can come to your home to:
(Serving Monmouth County, NJ)

Please call “John” to get a quote and schedule an appt: 732-747-5623

NOTE: We do not perform initial central-vac /plumbing installs.  (Call for a referral)

Orig. Manufacturer Wty Service:

NOTE: Not all issues (such as clogs filters, “wear items” or service) are covered under your warranty. Check your owner’s manual to better understand your coverage!  How WARRANTY works (PDF)

Time for a Tune-Up?   You know to get your car tuned up, but do you remember to get your vacuum cleaner and other appliances serviced regularly?  Like your car, vacuums are comprised of many moving parts that need regular cleaning, oiling and adjustments! They also have items that wear out over time and need replacing (like filters and belts.) Performing regular maintenance makes sure your machines last as long as possible and helps them do a better job while they’re working!  

With rare exception, vacuums are NOT disposable….and it’s almost  always cheaper to fix your vac than to replace it!

REMEMBER… Just ask for a FREE ESTIMATE! And if something  you bring in can’t be fixed, or is really not “worth it,” there’s no charge.


CLICK HERE to learn more about how warranty works (PDF)