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Your store has been so helpful with repairs & supplies. I am always greeted with a big smile. Excellent Customer Service! I consider you a local gem.”    - Kate P.

I never thought a vacuum store could be so cool OR professional!”    - Jerry K.

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*Please CALL ahead
to check for holiday and
weather-related closures.*

Our Neptune City Store is CLOSED forever.
Also, we no longer repair
Sewing Machines.


What does “Good” really mean?  Like any tool, a vacuum  is useless if not the right one for a specific task! Just like you wouldn’t use a chainsaw to trim crown molding , you wouldn’t use a straight-suction canister vacuum to deep-clean a thick rug with lots of pet hair. A good vacuum is one that has the right features/tools; has excellent filtration so that captured dust doesn’t blow back into the room;  has strong structural integrity;  is easy to use and maintain, and lasts a long time with little breakage.  CLICK HERE to learn more...

LEARN about Miele’s exclusive HomeCare line, sold ONLY in stores like ours!

WATCH a Miele vacuum in action...

Before buying a new vacuum,
please consider the following:

CLICK HERE for a helpful, Printable Questionnaire  (PDF)

Canisters are best for:

Our Top Picks (full-sized):

Uprights are best for:

Our Top Picks (full-sized):

    U1/S7 Upright TEST DRIVE

Lightweight Models are best for:

NOTE: Most light/cheap units will not work or last  if used to clean your whole house!  (unless it’s high-quality)

Our Top Picks :

Commercial Models are best for:

Domestic vacuum cleaners used in these applications will result is costly breakage and “down-time.”

Call ahead to discuss your needs:
*We typically Special Order commercial units after discussing your requirements.