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Your store has been so helpful with repairs & supplies. I am always greeted with a big smile. Excellent Customer Service! I consider you a local gem.”    - Kate P.

I never thought a vacuum store could be so cool OR professional!”    - Jerry K.

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Holiday Closures…

Our Neptune City Store is CLOSED forever.
Also, we no longer repair
Sewing Machines.


*Please CALL ahead
to check for holiday and
weather-related closures.*

Show and Tell...  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many “words” are in a VIDEO?!  We’ve found that some questions are more easily answered by showing, rather than “telling.” This ever-growing compilation of videos produced by us, at Queen Vacuum, are designed to help illustrate solutions to our customer’s most pressing concerns.  Some people want to see our recommended vacuums “in action.” Some want to know what machines are best-suited to particular tasks.  Others just want to see what we and our shop look like before they come in.... We hope you enjoy what you see, and we look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.    Send us a message on Facebook!

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If you’re not close by or want to learn more before coming in, visit our archive of articles we’ve written. They’re made just for you! Questions and feedback from our customers encouraged us to produce a free monthly e-Newsletter. It’s our way of staying in touch, and providing customers and fans really useful tips, products reviews, service bulletins (and coupons) all in a fun, informal package! Articles from these newsletters are archived here.  Sign up for e-Newsletter

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